Epic series of 15 Webinars With SEMrush
Questions -> Experts -> Answers

Answer Engine Optimisation
(The Future of SEO)

5 Seasons - 3 episodes per season = 15 episodes

  1. Getting to Grips with AEO
  2. Structured Data for AEO
  3. The Knowledge Graph and AEO
  4. Machine Learning and AEO
  5. Brand and AEO
Your host for every episode
Jason Barnard

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Getting to Grips with AEO

Episode 1 : Getting to Grips with AEO: Answer Engines are here to stay

Episode 2 : Voice Search is Changing the Game

Episode 3 : 3 Pillars of a successful AEO strategy, pertinence, understanding, credibility

Structured Data for AEO

Episode 4 : More Than You Thought You Needed to Know About Schema Markup

Episode 5 : Semantic HTML5, IA and Accessibility - so many missed opportunities

Episode 6 : How to Help Google/Amazon Make Sense of a Chaotic, Unstructured Web.

The Knowledge Graph and AEO

Episode 7 : The Knowledge Graph - How Well is Google doing in 'understanding the world'?

Episode 8 : How to get Entities and Their Attributes in the Knowledge Graph

Episode 9 : How Google Uses The Knowledge Graph in its AE algorithm

Machine Learning and AEO

Episode 10 : Machine Learning 101: The how, the why and … what ML means to us as marketers

Episode 11 : How Does RankBrain Affect Query Results Today

Episode 12 : What does Machine Learning DO in AE Today - and what might it do Tomorrow

Brand and AEO

Episode 13 : Hooking Brand Building Efforts into a Successful AEO Strategy

Episode 14 : How to Leverage Brand in Multi-Channel, Multi-Device Acquisition

Episode 15 : How Can We Amplify Credibility Signals and Build Expertise Authority and Trust